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What is Generation X?

What is Generation X? What’s the Gen X age range? Am I Gen X? Well, if you were born between 1964 – 1980, then yes, you are. Welcome aboard!

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13 Unique Tips For Navigating The Aging Process After 50

“Not another blog post offering a bunch of inane so-called ‘tips’ about the aging process?” So goes the rhetorical cry of millions of soon-to-be seniors, fed up to the back implants with such drivel.

Here you will find no such trivia dressed up as actual helpful advice. No, you will simply find trivia for trivia’s sake. Let’s be totally upfront and transparent here – the following tips can’t and won’t help you at all.

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Need a Holiday? Better Get Ready To Doff That Cap.

When megalomaniac managers start asserting their influence in your personal life as well as your work life, we have a problem. Unfortunately, we still seem to be stuck with a work culture where employees are obliged to doff their caps to their employers. It’s partly about the language we use. Having to go cap in hand to “request” time off from work ensures employees know that they are still the underdogs.

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Overwhelmed Coffin Maker Discovers Wasting Time is The Key To Productivity.

According to Neil, “Googlism is simply the belief that Google is the closest thing to a God our species has ever directly experienced.” Whenever anybody challenges this belief, Neil encourages them to look at the number of words written by the bloke in the sky, compared with the amount of information made freely available through the worldwide web by the Almighty G.

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Warning For The 21st Century

Ever since my 20s, I’ve been a huge fan of Jenny Joseph’s poem, “Warning” – the one that goes, “when I am an old woman I shall wear purple.”

Now that I am actually an old lady (well, my 21-year-old self would have thought 53 old, anyway!). I’ve realised the ideas in the poem are just a tad outdated.

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Chaotic Reflections From Woman on the Edge of a Hot Stone Massage Table

What does she think of my menopausal flab? Everything is so saggy. Nobody ever sees these parts of my body unclothed, let alone touches them.Having experienced a couple of these in the past, I have high expectations. It’s definitely my favourite type of massage, and for good reason.

If you’ve never tried one, I can only liken it to being enveloped in a warm, luxurious, marshmallow blanket; a sort of womb-like cocoon.

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