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A-Z of Scientists T Shirt

A-Z of Scientists T Shirt.

An A to Z of famous physicists, biologists, chemists, astronomers, mathematicians, and all-round scientific geniuses from over two-thousand years of discovery.

Here’s the full list: A: Archimedes; B: Niels Bohr; C: Marie Curie; D: Charles Darwin; E: Albert Einstein; F: Alexander Fleming; G: Galileo Galilei; H: Hipparchus; I: Dmitry Ivanovsky; J: James Joule; K: Johannes Kepler; L: Ada Lovelace ; M: Gregor Mendel; N: Isaac Newton; O: Hans Christian Oersted; P: Max Planck; Q: Ali Qushji; R: Ernest Rutherford; S: Carl Sagan; T: Nikola Tesla; U: Harold Urey; V: Leonardo Da Vinci; W: James Watt; Y: Thomas Young; Z: Karl Ziegler.

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